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Best of JavaScript Video Tutorials

Up until now there was no need for me to learn advanced javascript, in my new project I couldn’t escape from involving myself in these advance javascript language.

So, When I started to search for good learning materials on javascript, I stumbled across various sites with good material. Looks like jQuery is one of the leading framework which is being used in the industry. But, I like to learn something from the ground up

But the one which was best of all is the video tutorial at Yahoo! Videos by Mr. Douglas Crockford. I will embed those videos below, But let me tell you my experience with the video, The idea is clear, the presentation is a top notch and the examples are excellent. I went through the first two parts of the video till now, till now it is a good one. Hope you to have the same

Douglas Crockford: “The JavaScript Programming Language”/1 of 4 @ Yahoo! Video
Douglas Crockford: “The JavaScript Programming Language”/2 of 4 @ Yahoo! Video

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