jQuery fadeout, fadein, toggle and some events not working in firefox and vsdoc.js

A while ago I blogged about my expedition into the world of dedicated javascript programming, and till now I am satisfied with my work without using any libraries. But to speed my development, I had to jump into using some sort of libraries to use. Both jQuery and Moo Tools looked promising for my work but had to go with jQuery because of the intellisense support with Visual Studio 2008 ( You can get to know how to set up Visual Studio to get intellisense with Query here)

But while testing some of my basic code with jQuery, fade in and fadeout was not working with firefox 3.0.12 and chrome but was working with IE 8.  The code where I was getting error was

$(".pane .delete").click(function(){
$(this).parents(".pane").animate({ opacity: 'hide' }, 3000);
$(".btn-slide").click(function() {
$(this).toggleClass("active"); return false;

After some head scratching, I came to know that we have the put the vsdoc.js documentation reference inside the server side conditional statement, making the documentation file not to load at the run time.


and one more mistake which I did was not the remove to the numerics in the documentation file downloaded from the link provided here

jQuery Documentation Link

Now with these, I am setting my course to more complex jQuery code. Take Care….


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