Moving my blog to new host

It’s been very slow in updating my work in this blog. It has been hectic for me with the new job and adjusting to new place.

But I am moving to new blog at, and I hope to update the new blog regularly.  I am using couple of tools to have this  movement and staying with the new blog

  1. Windows Live Writer (Wow! a blog writing couldn’t be easier that this. Windows live writer with it’s plug-in completely blows my mind. Every feature is amazing)
  2. FileZila, another gem for the web designer and bloggers.
  3. The new hosting which I have chosen after the lots of research and head scratching is the best one, the service is great and my couple of tickets were answered pretty quickly.


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jQuery fadeout, fadein, toggle and some events not working in firefox and vsdoc.js

A while ago I blogged about my expedition into the world of dedicated javascript programming, and till now I am satisfied with my work without using any libraries. But to speed my development, I had to jump into using some sort of libraries to use. Both jQuery and Moo Tools looked promising for my work but had to go with jQuery because of the intellisense support with Visual Studio 2008 ( You can get to know how to set up Visual Studio to get intellisense with Query here)

But while testing some of my basic code with jQuery, fade in and fadeout was not working with firefox 3.0.12 and chrome but was working with IE 8.  The code where I was getting error was

$(".pane .delete").click(function(){
$(this).parents(".pane").animate({ opacity: 'hide' }, 3000);
$(".btn-slide").click(function() {
$(this).toggleClass("active"); return false;

After some head scratching, I came to know that we have the put the vsdoc.js documentation reference inside the server side conditional statement, making the documentation file not to load at the run time.


and one more mistake which I did was not the remove to the numerics in the documentation file downloaded from the link provided here

jQuery Documentation Link

Now with these, I am setting my course to more complex jQuery code. Take Care….

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Best of JavaScript Video Tutorials

Up until now there was no need for me to learn advanced javascript, in my new project I couldn’t escape from involving myself in these advance javascript language.

So, When I started to search for good learning materials on javascript, I stumbled across various sites with good material. Looks like jQuery is one of the leading framework which is being used in the industry. But, I like to learn something from the ground up

But the one which was best of all is the video tutorial at Yahoo! Videos by Mr. Douglas Crockford. I will embed those videos below, But let me tell you my experience with the video, The idea is clear, the presentation is a top notch and the examples are excellent. I went through the first two parts of the video till now, till now it is a good one. Hope you to have the same

Douglas Crockford: “The JavaScript Programming Language”/1 of 4 @ Yahoo! Video
Douglas Crockford: “The JavaScript Programming Language”/2 of 4 @ Yahoo! Video

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Failed to add tableadapter

I never knew that my second post also will be about the error which I encountered with MySQL and Visual Studio 2008. When I was configuring my Dataset to include table adapter which queried the table client_contact_info which had a foreign key from the table client_base_info gave this weird error

Failed to add tableadapter
Column 'REFERENCED_TABLE_CATALOG' does not belong to table.

Table Adapter Configuration Error

Table Adapter Configuration Error

Looks like I am not the only one in this latest bug whirlpool, I was left with no option downgrading my MySQL connector from 6.0.4 to 5.2.6 and see if this works or not.

All along in developing this Data Access Layer has been cycle of installation and uninstallation. It is sad though, but I believe in “Screw up, Fix and Learn”.

Will keep you guys posted about the next Uninstallation or Working Code :)….

I totally forgot about telling you about de-branding my Sony Ericsson W580i and how made it access the internet through my laptops’ Bluetooth and belive me after the seeing the flash theme of my phone, couldn’t belive more why Sony Ericsson is one of the best mobile phone manufaturers. I will add another post about the steps on how I did that.

Take Care…

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Error in WHERE clause near ‘@’. Unable to parse query text.

I started to build a web application with MySQL as the backend. I wanted to use the strong typed dataset so that I can know the methods and the columns of my data table before the compile time.

When I wanted some INSERT queries to be performed with my Client Table I got an error message

Error in WHERE clause near ‘@’.
Unable to parse query text.”

The query which I was executing was

SELECT   client_base_info.*
FROM      client_base_info
WHERE  (client_id =@client_id);

As I was using MySQL with MySQL connector 6.0.3 I knew something was not right with connector because I was able execute my query in Toad for. I googled a lot before I landed up at bugreport site of MySQL here.

Looks like my guess was right, after I upgraded my MySQL .NET connector from 6.0.3 to 6.0.4, the error was gone.

Hope this helps you. There are other possibilities for this errror which I am not dealing with.

I am learining a lot of best practices with .NET 3.5 wchich I hope later as move on with this project.


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My First Post

Hi All,

To start, I never wrote a blog, but a avid reader of blogs. Most of the blogs which I read are related to mobile phones and the latest gadgets sometimes I offtrack to software. Later on I am planning to add some of the list of blogs which I visit.

Right now I am exploring stuff around the wordpress dashboard, to starters like me wordpress is simple yet awesome. There is lot into web development of such great sites. To me till now its amazing, I feel that there is lot to know still. It amazes me to know that I am adding this first post after 3hrs of tweaking, learning and changing things in the blog.

Ok, Now to what I am up to with this blog, why I chose “angstphobic” as the name and to where I am planing to go. When I wanted to start this blog, I had an idea of giving reviews of mobile phones, but there are plenty of good sites which aleady do that, my best being phonedog and tons of video review on youtube, just search for Mobile Phone Reviews. But later on I decided to start a blog which will say something about what I do with my mobile gadgets everyday and what I think about the reviews which others did, and some new stuff which I do with my work, By the way I work as .NET/SharePoint Developer. Why I choose angstphobic?, the word angst has the meaning of to be afraid, by which I wanted to have the meaning of “fears to fear” around me.

Thanks for reading….Hope to carry on the same enthusiam in my later post..sayonara for now

Take Care.

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